Doumar’s Smeet – July 11th

logo-header-doumarsIt’s the perfect time of year for smart cars and ice cream!  

When:   Saturday, July 11th 2015

Where:   10am start at Tysinger Smart Center with 11:30am smart-o-van to Doumar’s!

  • Tysinger Smart Center,  2712 Magruder Blvd, Hampton, VA 23666
  • Doumar’s, 1919 Monticello Avenue · Norfolk, VA

Details:   The plan is to meet at the Tysinger Smart Center where we can line our cars up for a photo opportunity (against the far curb in from the of Mercedes Benz Showroom).  While waiting for other smart owners to arrive we will have the chance to enjoy some refreshments and grab a light bite to eat, courtesy of our friends at Tysinger!

One topic of discussion will be the new 2016 smart car.  We hope to have access to share the latest videos of the new smart and discuss some of the new features, from the crosswind assist feature to the new (more powerful and efficient) engine & transmission.   We are planning to also have a meet and greet with specials guests from Tysinger!

Once everyone has arrived we can take some photos of all our cars lined up together and then head out to Doumar’s at 11:30am.   We anticipate wrapping the event up around 1pm.

Doumar’s website and menu:

We are asking everyone to please RSVP if you plan on attending so we can ensure we have enough refreshments for everyone to enjoy.



Questions?   Please send us an email!







Brad Garbus – cell:  757-218-7970



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7 Responses to Doumar’s Smeet – July 11th

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  3. Art W says:

    Wife & I will be there, each in our own cars. Want me to bring my laptop to run some pictures of the “Dragon”?


    • Brad Garbus says:

      You can definitely bring it. Not sure they will have a connection. Can you upload them online. Their conference room has a PC we can access the web. I’m going to share some of the new 2016 info videos too.


  4. Brad Garbus says:

    We are up to 17 RSVP’ed smart cars so far!


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