Our Next SMEET Destination ???

HELPCalling all Smarties!

We need your input rather quickly.   We need to choose a place for our next destination/celebration and we need your input and vote.

Please take the one page Destination Survey below.   You will be able to vote on multiple locations and also suggest your own.

We would still start at Tysinger and make our way to our destination for lunch.   I have suggested a few places in Williamsburg this time, but please feel free to add your own to the poll.    We want to visit a location that is appropriate for the fall season and cooler temperatures.

We will definitely do the Ferry and Ocean front next spring when the temps start to warm back up.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact me!  Always here to support you!

With Gratitude, Brad  bradgarbus@gmail.com

I am planning to post the destination mid to late next week so we can start the RSVP process…




About Brad Garbus

Learn More about me at: www.BradGarbus.com
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3 Responses to Our Next SMEET Destination ???

  1. Brad Garbus says:

    Just learned that We can go to the Williamsburg Winery but the tavern can only handle 20 people and they require a singe check… so that’s out…


  2. Brad Garbus says:

    We have had a dozen votes but nearly 1/2 are for Williamsburg Winery! In the next few days I will setup the RSVP for the event. Anyone who does not consume alcohol please let me know if there is somewhere close to the winery you would like to splinter off to. I will be happy to add that to the RSVP as an option.


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