Charities and Smeets!

heart logo smartHR Smarties,

During our last organizational meeting we discussed using our smart meets as an opportunity to help a few local charities.   The charities that came to mind instantly were the Food Bank and Toys for Tots.

So what I am proposing is starting at our next smart meet we all bring something for the Food Bank to the smeet.   Whatever you can afford.  Every bit makes a difference.   We will collect all the items and make a delivery on behalf of the Smart Car Community of Hampton Roads!

I think doing some charity work not only brings us together but also for a good cause.   If enough people show an interest we can even plan one of our smeets to travel to a charity event to offer our support, maybe at the local food bank or even a soup kitchen.  There are many ways we can serve the community as a group and really make a difference.

If you have any suggestions for charities or events please let us know!



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2 Responses to Charities and Smeets!

  1. imarthurrw says:

    Unless something happens, Elaine & I will be there. If we do a collection and I have enough warning I can bring my trailer, right now it needs a good painting (red fades so easily in the sun) and I’d like to make the sides higher this spring/summer.


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